Sunday, 27 August 2017

6 Factors That Matter in Real Estate Investment

Investors in today’s market have vast choices & they are cautious in investing money for growth & returns. Commonly, Smart investors centralize their investment on Equity Shares, Mutual funds, Gold & of course Real estate.

Mutual funds & shares can stand with equal part of ups & downs due to day to day economic changes while considering gold investment, you need to buy ornaments, biscuits, etc, at the current price. Real estate is quite rare consideration of investors as it has huge conflict factors comparing with other investment. In spite of this dispute, most investors are not willing to take this decision.

Rather, Investing on the real estate is really a good decision only if your ideas & plans are perspicuous about it. Predictability is an important ability that every investor should have & the investor should able to foresee how the property may evolve over the investment period.

Being blank about the investment will definitely cause to loss, so, here I’ve listed out the six factors that you need to consider while investing in real estate.

Location of the area

The viability of the real estate investment is influenced by the most important factor, which is the location of the property. When investing in the residential property, it is important to consider the quality of the neighborhood, environmental quality, basic amenities and essentially safety and in the case of investment on a commercial property it is important to assume the nearness of landmark, transport hubs, proximity to popular markets & expressways.

Choose a peaceful location with all above requirements that will possibly be developed into the crowed commercial area in future. Get thorough study over the neighboring areas, establishments, ownership & available land in the nearby locality.

Employment Opportunities

Renders nowadays are looking for a property with an increasing job market; a recent study and static says the large migration are done in the place where there are more increased job opportunities. School towns are currently considered to be an optimistic alternative as there is a flow of students needing off campus housing.


Real estate is considered as a reasonably flexible investment in the case leverages, the best thing about this idea is that an investor can get a loan without any difficulties. Banks usually approve loans up to 75-80 percent of the value of the asset. Banks are always ready to lend huge sums of money for real estate because they consider real estate investment one of the safest & profitable. Likewise, when you leverage an investment, you pick up the advantages of appreciation on the asset value, while investing fewer amounts of your own cash.

Income Stability

The biggest question is “Will your income remains stable?”  When your business is going perfectly with unexpected profits, you will feel the joy and excitement, there are high chances of buying a property by yourself but the considerable thing in investing in a real estate is “Will your income remain same or increase in next few months?”.

If you can't find what to do next, just relax & wait for few months to have a clear picture of your future gross or else increase your saving bit more. Remember don’t ever let your mind for a mortgage in such cases.

Liquidity is less

Unlike stocks, real estate can be liquidated faster, it seem to be a down cause one but it is one of your biggest advantage if you don’t be tempted to sell off your property when you feel or like it, this means the bad tidings will leave the past & your property will still hold up the status which alternatively brings acceptable profit.

Ability to finance

As an investor, you can feel proud of yourself that you no need to depend on external factors to 

generate income. So you can only rely on your field & gain a steady flow of earnings.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Flat or Independent House for Sale in Hyderabad - What Should You Choose?

The real estate market of Hyderabad is quite cost-effective as compared to other metro cities in India. The availability of open plots and properties in Hyderabad for sale is also quite broad. As the market is quite reasonable here and the range of options is wide, the number of people taking interest in investing in the real estate market of this city is increasing.

Usually, an accepted norm for buying a house is choosing a property at a great location. Choosing a better location would provide better appreciation on your investment. And when you trust Hyderabad real estate market, trust me, your investment will certainly give you the return suited for your wish, need and budget. You can have a look at the list of apartments or individual house for sale in Hyderabad. No matter what your choice will be, the leading real estate companies in this city can never fail to meet your need.

Sometimes buyers feel confused in making a choice between independent houses and flats. In this article, I am going to discuss the basic differences between these two so that you get a profound understanding, know which one will be best for you and make a buying decision easily.

At the Time of Purchase

     The flats for sale in Hyderabad come with some additional values like security, adequate parking space, water system, power backup, fire security mechanism etc. On the other hand, in an independent house you have to set up these services by yourself at extra cost.
     If you choose a company that offers open plots for sale in Hyderabad  and plan to build your house independently over there, you should be prepared to face challenges.  These challenges minimize drastically when you plan to investment in a project of apartment. Moreover by investing in an apartment project, you can save a lot of time.

After the Purchase

     After buying a house, you need to put constant efforts to maintain it. In an independent house, you need to consult a professional by yourself for construction, repair and other maintenance works. On the other hand, in a flat you just have to pay the maintenance cost every month and stay hassle-free.
     It has been noticed that independent properties take more time to resell as compared to apartments because apartments have huge demand in the market. However, Hyderabad real estate market has all kinds of properties that meet individual’s need perfectly. Be it independent house or apartment, leading real estate companies in this city offer great projects where luxury meets comfort. These projects have good resale values.

Living in an apartment makes you free from all kind of additional hassle. But that does not mean independent houses have less value. In an individual house, you get complete freedom to create your living and spend money in maintenance only when you want. So, what are you waiting for? Research thoroughly and select a reliable and experienced real estate company in Hyderabad. Go through the above-mentioned parameters and make a buying decision.
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